Attendee Notes

Things attendees need to know.

In-person attendees

Virtual attendees

  • We are using Zoom Webinar for the conference. It offers a different experience than Zoom Meeting including automatic entry to sessions once the sessions are opened and the disabling of audio and video for attendees so the focus is on the presenters.
  • Zoom links for sessions will be emailed to you and posted to the conference forum
  • Each hour long session has its own Zoom link so you don't need to stay online all day
  • The schedule is online at
  • Conference chat is at
  • Conference forum is at
  • Chat and Forum require a CALI login account ( We recommend you check or create your CALI account before conference time
  • Q&A is handled by a set of Google forms so that folks in the room and participating via Zoom have an equal chance to ask questions.
  • Links for Q&A forms are on the website on each Session page



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