Black Mirror: The 123s and ABCs of Digital Well-Being (Z)


Even as the pandemic hopefully draws to a near, it's become clear that how people operate and work won't return to how it was. Instead, people are more dialed in and connected than ever before. For some, it means never being away from a screen. Your phone screen, computer screen, or even your watch and glasses. People weren't designed to be hooked to a black mirror.

It's important more than ever to know how to create distance from those devices and maintain your physical and mental health. This session will help identify steps on reducing strain, notifications, and how your devices and apps tuck away certain settings to keep you on a better health track.

This session is aimed at anyone who consumes media, the modern worker, or anyone just burned out by their devices.. Essentially anyone. This is a entry-level session. At the end of the session, attendees should walk away knowing just how modern internet media is created and trained for endless consumption -- and with that realization, knowing that there are resources available to maintain themselves.




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