Imagining the Best Student Portfolio Platform (Z)


Meaningful reorientation to experiential legal education and licensing will require new systems to manage lawyering work product of students. Registrars have systems to manage traditional law school assessment, including exams, grades, and transcripts. What are the best ways for law schools to build and use platforms for portfolios of student work in clinics, externships, and other settings for use in law school assessment and then, potentially, in licensure? 
Jurisdictions are increasingly considering requiring supervised practice as an aspect of licensure, with or without a bar exam. Assessment of students and candidates based on work product instead of exam answers requires a new assessment infrastructure to manage portfolios of work product, assessments by supervisors, and self-assessments.  The CALI community has the expertise to think about what a secure, scalable, user-friendly (for law students, law professors, applicants and bar examiners), uniform (across jurisdictions) platform for portfolio submission and assessment would look like. Are there ways to build in clinical pedagogical values related to, for example, habits of reflection and attentiveness to attorney-client confidentiality? 
This session will be a workshop to share experience and imagine the best portfolio systems. Which law schools currently require student portfolios? How do they work? Problems? Successes? What kind of portfolio platform would work best for law students to collect materials during law school that would be easily submitted for licensing review. Who is best situated to design and launch these platforms? Are there advantages from trying to think coherently and boldly about design before these systems start cropping up?  Or should we just wait for NCBE or Examsoft or BARBRI or Workday or TWEN or CLIO or whoever to roll out competing products to sell to schools and jurisdictions? Managing this question well could determine how long legal education and licensing stay stuck in outmoded educational and licensing models. 




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