Guidelines to Improve Most Designs


After working in an acedmic law library for several years, Rob shifted to a design job at a web design and development firm. There he learned the importance of design guidelines and how having them as a baseline is critical to creating good designs. When he returned to the law library, he kept seeing design opportunities. In this session, Rob will share some of the key design guidelines and rules he learned. The guidelines presented are easy to apply and can help anyone, regardless of experience, improve whatever they are designing — that could include class documents, handouts, websites, and more. 

This session is intended for people with limited design experience. Attendees will come away with an overview of several important guidelines to improve their designs. They will be able to start applying many of these guidelines immediately after the session. However, this session is not a deep dive into any one guideline. Instead, the focus is on giving a quick introduction and encouraging people to investigate further or reach out for additional insights.