What a Story to Tell: Infographic Annual Reports


The Chicago-Kent Law Library has a story to tell. The question was how to convey the Library's accomplishments and the range of services it provides in an engaging and dynamic way. A text-heavy PDF was not the optimal means to share this critical information. 

For the past four years, the Library has provided faculty with a one-page infographic highlighting our dedicated library staff's outreach, training, usage, and services. This format has the unique ability to engage the reader, display trends and accomplishments, and leave memorable impressions.

Creating the annual report starts with a collaborative effort by all librarians to identify and gather the data around specific projects and tools. We meet to review this data using Google Slides. Next, Emily uses a Canva template to create an illustrated document that incorporates charts, icons, and other visual designs using a consistent branding style from year to year.

Attendees will learn about:

  1. Where to find data to summarize projects and services on an annual basis.

  2. Working as a team to choose key highlights for stakeholders.

  3. Online editing tools and visual design principles to make it easy to review infographics.

[We plan to present onsite.]