These sessions are presented virtually via Zoom

Black Mirror: The 123s and ABCs of Digital Well-Being (Z)

Even as the pandemic hopefully draws to a near, it's become clear that how people operate and work won't return to how it was. Instead, people are more dialed in and connected than ever before. For some, it means never being away from a screen. Your phone screen, computer screen, or even your watch and glasses. People weren't designed to be hooked to a black mirror.

Imagining the Best Student Portfolio Platform (Z)

Meaningful reorientation to experiential legal education and licensing will require new systems to manage lawyering work product of students. Registrars have systems to manage traditional law school assessment, including exams, grades, and transcripts. What are the best ways for law schools to build and use platforms for portfolios of student work in clinics, externships, and other settings for use in law school assessment and then, potentially, in licensure? 

The Future of eLangdell: Incorporating Interactive Questions Into Casebooks Using H5P (Z)

CALI has been utilizing the power of H5P to embed interactive questions into eLangdell casebooks and guides. This allows students to get immediate feedback and assess their learning after reading cases or other challenging content – all without ever leaving the text of the book! This session will demonstrate just some of the ways in which H5P interactive content can be incorporated into casebooks and discuss the benefits of doing so. 


Adapting Technology to Meet Changing Academic Recording Policy Post-Pandemic (Z)

This session will focus on the process of leveraging existing technology to meet the challenges posed by an updated academic recording policy.  The pandemic changed expectations about access to academic recordings for both students and instructors.  Changing expectations requires evaluation of existing policies and changes to policy require creative technology approaches to fulfill policy requirements.  This session will discuss how all interested parties collaborated to revise the academic recording policy and adapt technology to meet user expectations for access to academic recordings.

Evolution of a Legal Podcast (Z)

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"Evolution of a Podcast" - detailed overview of the creation of a legal education podcast from start to finish.  Presentation will include the format, topics, technology, marketing, and keeping the podcast going.

Beginner to intermediate

Would like attendees to understand they can do this on a small budget, basic technologies and get wide-spread coverage for their law library and law school.


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Don't Call Him Zelda: How to Use Computer Games to Reach Your Law Students (Z)

Session Overview:

First, no: this program will not be about the games that legal research companies like Lexis offer on their research platforms. This session is about computer and console games (e.g. Skyrim, Minecraft, Fortnite) and how these games and the gaming culture can be used to enhance educational experiences for law students. Studies have shown computer games offer a number of benefits to students from increased problem solving skills to a great sense of social awareness.

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