Don't Call Him Zelda: How to Use Computer Games to Reach Your Law Students (Z)


Session Overview:

First, no: this program will not be about the games that legal research companies like Lexis offer on their research platforms. This session is about computer and console games (e.g. Skyrim, Minecraft, Fortnite) and how these games and the gaming culture can be used to enhance educational experiences for law students. Studies have shown computer games offer a number of benefits to students from increased problem solving skills to a great sense of social awareness.

Computer games appeal to a broad range of students. With studies showing that over 70% of Americans polled (Pew Research Institute) state they play computer games (46% of whom are women), the use of games (even if it's just gaming references) in the law school classroom can create an immediate connection between teacher and student.

My presentation will briefly introduce attendees to the intellectual and social benefits of gaming in general and, specifically, how these benefits can assist in law school education and social experiences.

Attendee Level of Knowledge:

None. I'll explain everything - even if they've never played a computer game.


  • A greater awareness of the real benefits of computer games and how they can be used in an educational environment. 
  • An understanding of how computer games create communities and enhance social experiences.
  • The knowledge of how games - and the world of gaming -- can increase students awareness of real social and legal issues such as gender issues and discrimination.
  • What not to do - really, don't call him Zelda - and other fatal mistakes to avoid.

Time: 15 minutes

Format: I can do Zoom or a pre-recorded presentation.



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